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11-Day Shred | Bye-Bye Toxins

The ultimate program to jumpstart your weight loss goals and increase energy.

30-Day Accelerated | Create Your Future Best You

Are you ready to see the possibilities life has to offer? With our 4 core principle coaching areas, you will become open to living in the world of what’s possible.

90-Day Foundation | Get Your SHIFT Together

Our advanced foundational 90-Day destiny-forming coaching program is the game changer you are looking for. Once and for all you can create the habits to support your new future.


Shine Beyond Cancer

Unfortunately, more people have been somehow affected by cancer than not. Marc was one of those people. In 2011, he was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He had spent years working in a high-stress environment on Wall Street, and in 2001, he had been a first responder to 9/11, where he had been exposed to many toxins. This combination took its toll on him. Shine Beyond Cancer is a best-selling cancer recovery guidebook. Marc co-authored the book with his friend and fellow cancer survivor, Lisa Dimond. We are giving this book to you for free. All we ask is for you to cover the shipping. Read it for yourself or gift it to someone you know going through cancer or a survivor who needs to shine beyond cancer.

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Marc Slugh

As a young man, Marc’s passion for the stock market led him to early financial success as a member and floor trader of the New York Stock Exchange. He rose through the ranks quickly and worked for many prestigious firms until starting his own business at the age of 36. The business quickly grew to several million dollars per year in revenue, but the stress was out of control. In 2006, he had a heart attack and everything changed. Health and wellness became his new obsession; he needed to take care of his body like he did when he was younger. Mindset and transformational life coaching entered the picture and a ton of courses followed. With the unwavering support of his wife, Danielle, they found a nutritional program that has been a staple of good health for the last 19 years. The nutrition has worked so well to turn his health around that he and Danielle turned this passion into a multi-million dollar business, coaching thousands of people to health, well-being, and wealth. In 2019, Marc co-authored a best-selling book, Shine Beyond Cancer, which chronicled his experience from stage four cancer, to cancer survivor, to Cancer Thriver. You can get a free copy of the book here: SBC Book


Danielle Russo-Slugh

Danielle has been a successful entrepreneur for her entire adult life. As one of a handful of women on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, she elevated her career to become the owner of a “7-figure-per-year” business. In 2006 after her husband‘s health issues, she changed career paths into another multi-million dollar business as a health, wellness, and wealth coach. With a multitude of transformational life coaching, success, and business training under her belt, she has supported thousands of people not only to reach their goals physically, but financially.

With their financial expertise, health success, and over 20 years of loving marriage, Marc & Danielle have a plan to coach you to create your future successful self!

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Client Testimonials

Being Happy and Healthy is what it’s all about! The better I feel the happier I am. The happier I am the more I have to give and share with others! Meeting Marc and Danielle was a god send to me! They introduced me to a lifestyle that was missing in my everyday routine. I love the way I feel on Isagenix. My energy levels are where they need to be now and I can work 10 hours a day after opening my own fitness studio and still feel awesome! I have the energy and stamina to go all day long and still go home and make dinner and spend time with my 6 year old daughter!! I have lost some inches and pounds which is so great because I love to feel lean and fit. But the most important thing is how I truly feel because that energy projects onto everyone I meet! And being happy and sharing that with others is the love of life!!!
Lisa Daniel

Amazing! That’s how I describe Marc and Danielle. I have always been athletic and a healthy eater but despite that there seemed to be something missing, as I grew older and continued to participate in athletic activities. Almost 9 months ago, in my quest to address my personal nutrition challenges I was introduced to Danielle. Her ability to speak about nutrition and the benefits of cellular cleansing was striking. I began using the Isagenix products she recommended and since then I am happy to share that my personal physician gave me the best health report card ever in my life at the age of 57. Marc and Danielle are roles models that clearly demonstrate responsible entrepreneurship as they help others improve their lives in mind, body and spirit. I always welcome the opportunity to bask in their light and you should too. My advise to everyone is “Find a way to make these two and what they do a part of your life”. Thank you Marc and Danielle!
William Isona

Who has enough time and energy to get everything done in the day? Along with being a mom, and wife, I am a doctor who owns and operates a very successful dental practice. I am all about prevention and health in my life and practice, yet I was becoming more and more tired. I began the 30-day cleanse on a Wednesday and noticed that I began to feel better right away. The most amazing thing was the following Wednesday, after working late Monday and Tuesday night, I got home from work and had so much energy! I am usually mentally and physically exhausted by then, but I kept going and felt amazing! By week three, I had lost 5 lbs and can see body definition changes. Big shout out to Danielle Russo Slugh and Isagenix. 🙂
Dr. LouAnn Van Liew

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